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Yeah Yeah Beebiss I
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Also Known As Yeah Beebiss I

Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is an unconfirmed Nintendo Entertainment System game first mentioned in a June 1989 listing for mail order video game service, Play It Again, in an issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. The game reappeared in later Play It Again listings, in July, August, and September.

In October, Yeah Yeah Beebiss I disappeared from Play It Again's list. However, it was mentioned in a listing for another mail order game service, Funco. This time, it was shortened to Yeah Beebiss I. It was mentioned in following listings until January 1990. Both Play It Again and Funco alphabetized the game incorrectly, placing it between W and X.

In early 2016, a Yeah Yeah Beebiss I prototype was claimed to exist by a user on NintendoAge. However, it turned out to be a hoax.

It is unknown whether Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is a real game, a placeholder, or an error.